How to do the IAS Preparation at home

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced civil service examiner (the IAS test, as many call it), it makes no difference if you are based in an area considered as a UPSC preparation center or a small city. What matters is how well you navigate the boat in those crucial 2 hours! In today’s time, it’s smart work that matters most after hard work. Especially for an estimated Civil Services / UPSC exam, one needs to combine this hard work in a structured way to get the best result with the given resources. We have developed an analysis with the purpose of guiding the aspirants to remove all obstacles in their path and guide them very smoothly to the Civil Services. Here are certain must do is for applicants wishing to prepare for the home exam:


Make a list of the standard textbooks you should have. This can be in print, if not even soft copies are available online.

Subscribe to Yojana. If not, try to find a store where you can find the monthly edition of it. Also, you can easily find them nowadays on the internet. If nothing works, what are friends for 🙂 DELIVERY!

Subscribe to a newspaper of recognized prestige. The safest option now is The Hindu.

Make separate copies for each subject for note taking.

Make a copy exclusively for current affairs.

Decide on an optional topic.

Make a practical and realistic calendar.

After you have made these initials, begin with your actual preparation. Try not to spend more than 2 days for the previous exercise. The following points will help you in this.


Choose a topic of your choice and start with it. Starting with the topic that interests you is very important as it will give the initial impetus to the preparation and keep your motivation levels high. Be sure to make notes on your copy.

Read the newspaper every day and take notes. You can make the notes every day or every other day or every week. If you are planning to do it once a week then it will be easy for you to find related topics and then make a consolidated sheet. This can be done in hard or soft copy according to your convenience and the amount of time available at your end.