Scooter’s Son Scooper to Appear in Borderlands 3

After delivering two victorious games, it seems that Gearbox Software is all set to come up with the next game in the series, Borderlands 3. It has been indicated in several instances that Borderlands 3 is going to happen but a specific release date of it has not yet been out. However, rumors have stated that the upcoming first shooter video game might be launched in October 2018. And it has also been highlighted that the title of the game might not be Borderlands 3 but something else instead of that. But nothing has been confirmed yet, therefore, the next game in the series definitely has a lot in store for the fanatics.

The one thing which the players are sure of taking place in Borderlands 3 is the addition of some new character and the inclusion of Scooter’s son Scooper in the next game in the series is quite anticipated as a lot of reports have stated about the this particular news. On the other hand a new villain might also get introduced to Borderlands 3 as Handsome Jack had expired in Borderlands 2. So these changes are quite predicted by the fanatics who are anxiously waiting for the release of Borderlands 3 Game.

Both the games in the series were set on the planet of Pandora, where the vault hunters were directed by the Guardian Angel and they are supposed to hunt the hidden treasures. But this time, speculations are at rife that the plot of Borderlands 3 will be set on a new planet Promethea. And reports state that the scenarios in Promethea are extremely tough to tackle and the hardships which are faced in Pandora by the characters are nothing in compared to Promethea. So, the characters are definitely going to face a lot of difficult situations in Promethea. It has also been highlighted that the Atlas Corporation had figured out the Alien technologies on the virtual planet and the technologies were used in order to modify the weapons. Therefore, most of the gamers are expecting this upgrade in the upcoming game in the series for sure.

Nevertheless, the fandom is anxiously waiting for Gearbox to come up with the trailer of Borderlands 3 so that they can get an idea about the changes that would be brought in to the game. There are a lot of fan made trailers of the upcoming game in the series available online and it is a clear indication that Borderlands 3 is highly awaited by the gaming fanatics.

By going through all the speculations which are related to the upcoming Borderlands 3 it’s seems that the first person shooter game is going to be more intriguing than the previous games in the series.