Month: December 2019

Tips To Find The Best Suit For Your Next Interview

Are you going for an interview? One thing you need to know is that first impression counts in determining whether you will secure a job. Therefore, you need to be in proper attire if you are heading for an interview to increase your chances of success. However, finding the best interview attire can be challenging. Below are some tips that can help to be in the proper attire for your upcoming interview.

Appropriate Dress Code

You should find out the dress code for the company you are attending the interview to avoid wearing something that will get you disqualified the moment you step into the company premises. Do they wear t-shirts, jeans, or business casual? Confirm this to avoid wearing jeans and a t-shirt in a place where business formal is the order of the day. Besides, even if the dressing code for a company is casual, dress formally unless you are told otherwise.


Don’t wear attire that will make you be the focus of attention during the interview. This means you should not be an attire that is too fitting or too loose. Loose is better compared to tight-fitting clothes because the latter may distract the interviewers. Therefore, being conservative is the best way to go with your interview attire to give you a professional and polished look.

Minimal Jewelry

Jewelry is also an essential part of your attire which you should not overlook when heading for an interview. Keep your jewelry at a minimum because it can also cause a distraction when it is in excess. A conservative watch and simple, elegant additions such as rings or earrings are enough to compliment your professional appearance.

Go Neutral on Colors

The best interview attire should have neutral colors. A job interview isn’t a place to make a fashion statement. Stick to colors that are not too bright and don’t mix too many colors. Trying to impress the interviewer with your fashion sense can backfire and spoil your chances of securing a job because what seems stylish to you may be a turn off to another.

The best interview attire is one that is appropriate for the company you are going for the interview, makes you comfortable, confident, and doesn’t draw too much attention. Find an attire that brings the best of you even before you start answering the interview questions. Trueclassictees can be the place to find the best jewelry and t-shirts for your next interview.… Read the rest