One Side of My Nose is Always Blocked and it Changes Sides When I Lay Down

Does your nose make it hard for you to sleep or breath properly? Is it too large, too small, off-center, or bulbous? If so, then worry more as you can have a rhinoplasty procedure to get it fixed. Also, known as a nose job, rhinoplasty is done to improve the appearance of a nose that doesn’t appear right. 

Non-Surgical Nose Job

A rhinoplasty procedure can either be invasive or non-invasive. Also referred to as liquid nose job, a non-invasive rhinoplasty is a medical procedure whereby injectable fillers are used to change the shape of the nose. Since it’s not invasive, the procedure is safer, takes less time, and has minimal complications. 

Benefits of Non-invasive Nose Job

If you’re interested in enhancing your nose shape, size or symmetry but are discouraged by the idea invasive, rhinoplasty, then you’re the right candidate for a non-invasive nose job that uses dermal fillers. Here are 3 main benefits of this procedure

1. No Downtime Necessary

After undergoing a nonsurgical nose job, you’re free to resume your normal routine immediately. In fact, the appointment takes as little as thirty minutes, which allows the patient to get back to their normal life with minimal disruption. Invasive rhinoplasty requires up to 2 weeks of downtime, meaning that you will have rest at home during that time in order to heal. 

2. No Incisions Meaning No Scarring

While a closed surgical rhinoplasty that produces minimal scars is possible with a highly experienced plastic surgeon, a non surgical nose job actually requires no incisions at all. This means that this incision-free procedure does not only reduced the downtime, but also produces impeccable results that aren’t impacted by scarring. The plastic surgeon uses a very fine needle to inject the dermal filler, leaving no scarring behind. There may be some red dot on where the injection was made, but this will quickly disappear within a day or two.

3. Easier Recovery and Fewer Side Effects. 

Following a non surgical nose job, the recovery process is quick, hassle-free and comfortable. Some of the side effects include some redness and mild swelling that typically disappear within a few hours or days. Surgical rhinoplasty, on the other hand, causes swelling and bruising that takes months and bruising and it difficult for you to go out in public for about two weeks. While the results may not be better than those of surgical rhinoplasty, a non surgical nose job allows you to enjoy satisfying results without disrupting your life or worrying about concealing your face. 

Also, nasal packing, splints, sutures, and bandages are used in surgical rhinoplasty and require follow-up appointments to remove them. After a non-invasive nose job, no one else apart from you and your doctor knows you underwent a nose job procedure.

These are some of the benefits of non-surgical nose job. Visit to schedule an appointment.